Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Filling & fuelling system and related equipment

We offer an intelligent filling & fuelling system for lease.

With our low-threshold entry system, you can already start 'small'. Is the demand growing? Then it is easy to expand. We have all the equipment for your filling & fuelling system for lease as well.

Our solutions and services:

No compressor necessary at your fuel station

As the hydrogen is compressed at our hub, no compressor is needed at your fuel station, making it less costly to offer hydrogen to your customers. This also means that the grid connection can be a lot smaller and is therefore cheaper.

HYGRO works with a smart distribution approach, which can be extended continuously, according to your needs. Since you rent it, no significant investment is required. The amount of hydrogen can also be scaled up or down, just as required. Our intelligent systems will keep track of your stock and will automatically indicate any required actions. Furthermore, we always aim at an optimal experience for the fuel station user.

Quick scan for your fuelling station

Do you have a fuel station and want to start offering high-quality green hydrogen for an affordable price? Our quick scan will help you decide on the best options and possibilities. It will indicate what the expected demand is, what type of customers you have, expected filling speeds, necessary cooling, level of integration with high-pressure storage, whether a compressor is needed or not, and so on.

Fixed or flex station at your location

With our fixed or flex satellite, it is easy to use hydrogen instead of diesel at temporary or stand-alone locations such as:

Using our solution, you will have less emissions but more sustainable energy that is delivered at the right time and place, for lower costs.

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