Hydrogen as primary energy carrier

Smart distribution

HYGRO’s hydrogen turbine, the first of its kind, is about to be demonstrated on the EWEF wind turbine testing field in Wieringermeer.

The hydrogen will be distributed to the filling station AVIA Marees in Wieringerwerf along the highway A7. This location is also being used as a hub station to pressurise bundles of hydrogen cylinders. These high-pressure bundles are used as a means of storage to ensure a stable supply despite fluctuating wind conditions but also as a means of distribution to other filling stations. The high-pressure in the bundles makes the satellite stations more cost-effective, as additional compression is unnecessary. HYGRO’s hub & satellite strategy is therefore smart and cost effective, as is the hydrogen turbine.

Gasunie is planning to create a national hydrogen gas pipeline infrastructure. Thus, in the future hydrogen wind farms can also be connected for the transport of their hydrogen. Nevertheless, the hub & satellite concept can always be used synergistically with or in addition to the pipeline infrastructure. Afterall, not all turbines and filling stations will be in the vicinity of pipelines, and storage and pressure are always required at wind and filling stations.

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